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Book Title:  E-learning 101: It’s not as tough as it looks
Author: Dr. Liz Hardy
Publisher: Liz Hardy, sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc
Format Reviewed: eBook
Published On:  June 1, 2012
Words/Length:  Approximately 65 pages, File Size: 2591 KB
Price: $0.99 US
Genre:  Self-Help, Online Learning

Book description, taken from Amazon.com:

E-learning 101 is a one-stop e-learning resource.
This e-learning e-book will cheer you on, while it shows you the ropes. It’s just like having your own personal e-learning coach.
This e-learning resource can do three things for you.
1. Save you time – by quickly explaining how everything works (it’s much faster than guessing on your own).
2. Stop you worrying – by replacing your fears with action and progress.
3. Make you more confident – by giving you step-by-step strategies for dealing with the tricky parts.
E-learning 101 can help you if you’re:
* Anxious about e-learning
* Procrastinating about getting started
* Too busy to wade through enormous books about online learning
* Keen to make progress on your e-learning course right now.
In 6 short lessons, you’ll find the solutions to your biggest e-learning questions.
And you’ll discover that e-learning’s really not as tough as it looks.

My Review:

Dr. Liz Hardy sent a request to Indie Chicks to ask if either Faye or I would review her book, E-learning 101. She mentioned that I might be a good person to review it as I have a background in adult instructional learning and design, and I agreed that it was a subject that interests me.

The book is very straightforward, written in everyday language, except for a few odd terms that adults new to online learning might not know. For example:
Learning Management System
Moodle or Blackboard (apparently they are Learning Management System platforms),
but these were the only technical terms I noticed that I thought could have benefitted from further explanation.

The book is broken down into six lessons, each with subsections and ‘take action’ tasks plus key summaries at the end of each chapter. The chapter headings are quite self-explanatory:
1. Who’s afraid of technology?
2. Too busy to study?
3. How to study when you don’t feel like it
4. Can’t it wait ‘til tomorrow?
5. When deadlines attack
6. Is there anyone out there?

One particular section in the book spoke to me, and that is Lesson 2 where the author shows how to find time in busy schedules to carve out the hours needed to study. What I noted was that her strategy would work equally well for writers struggling to find gaps in their busy lives in order to write, or painters to paint, or dreamers to dream. It is a great chapter with good all-around tips for anyone searching for ways to squeeze more time from their busy lives.

‘E-learning 101’ is a quick read that should appeal to adults returning to the world of study after possibly many years of being away. I wouldn’t say anything in the book is new or earth-shattering, but it certainly is easy to read and digest and does not ‘talk down’ to the reader.

So, if you’re an adult getting your feet wet in the online world of E-learning you could quite possibly benefit from reading this book. Although its scope is very general in nature it does have quite a few good tips and strategies to help you make the most of your new experience.

My Rating:
4 glasses of wine: a good book to start new students on their path of self-directed learning.

The Indie Chicks received a free copy of this eBook from the author to enable this review.