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About this blog:
As Indie authors ourselves, we’ve found that there are a lot of book review blogs out there for traditionally published authors, but not too many blogs discussing or featuring Indie books.  On the other hand, it is now so easy to publish Indie eBooks that many truly awful books are swamping the market, making it nearly impossible for the good Indie books to gain an audience.  Our goal is to provide exposure for great Indie books and to help book lovers discover these terrific new authors.

In this blog, we’re posting information and opinions about the great Indie Books we’ve found – books we think are worth your time and money.  We hope you find it helps you to discover some great new authors.

Please note we do not accept submissions nor do we accept money for reviews.

About us:

We’re both Indie authors, as well – you can read more about us by clicking on the photos below.


           Sylvia                             Faye

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  1. I love the bookshelf banner photo in your header and would like to use it in my blog. Do you know its origin? It’s much nicer than the Pilcrow theme default header.

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