Indie Chick: Sylvia Morice

Sylvia Morice is a retired Instructional Designer/Learning Specialist, mother of two adult children, and writer. She is interested in many genres of adult fiction including chick lit, contemporary women’s fiction, humor, mystery, and short stories (single stories or anthologies). She is also interested in YA and certain non-fiction genres including humor and self-improvement. Sylvia’s reading taste is eclectic; a few of her favorite authors are: Alice Munro, Jennifer Weiner, Janet Evanovich, Gail Bowen, Lesley Choyce, and James Herriot.

Sylvia blogs at: She has had prose and poetry published in literary journals and anthologies and has published several indie books:

Postcards From Home Available from Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and other online retailers for only $1.99 US.

Join the author as she navigates her way through life in the family lane. Tag along on excursions to the supermarket and road trips to the cottage; meet headstrong puppies and laugh at tales of Halloween costumes gone wrong; join the family as they prepare for Father’s Day, Christmas holidays, impending job transfers, and the first week of school. Better fasten your seat-belt; it could be a bumpy ride!

Confessions From My Blog Available from Amazon for only $.99 US.

Author Sylvia Morice regularly shares her humorous views of the world on her popular blog, ‘Ramblings of a Writer’. ‘Confessions From My Blog’ is a collection of her readers’ favorite posts and covers such topics as facing addictions, tackling phobias, searching for a missing diamond necklace, and losing her ‘snorkeling’ virginity. Discover what Sylvia’s blog followers already know–they will be entertained and enlightened when they read her stories, and they will return time and time again to read more of them.

Going Home and Other Stories Available from Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers for only $.99 US.

The four stories in this collection allow readers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the author’s world; join Sylvia as she covers such topics as overcoming envy, what happens when humans are pitted against a squirrel, struggling with grocery store warning signs, and returning to a childhood home. Why not put your feet up, get ready to relax and find out what makes ‘Going Home’ special? 

Short Journeys Available from Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers for only $.99 US.

Mona wants to get pregnant and she wants to stay pregnant long enough to deliver a live baby. But for some women that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Will Mona get what she so desperately wants, or will her baby-obsession ruin her relationship with her husband and destroy her marriage? In this short story Mona discovers that life isn’t always fair, but then again, whoever said that it would be? 

A Small Steel Box Available from Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and other online retailers for only $.99 US.

“It rained the day we buried him, deep in the ground.” So begins ‘A Small Steel Box’, a story about every parent’s worst nightmare. How does a mother or father go on after the death of a child? This compelling short story will make you ask the same question. Could you go on? 

Needs Available from Smashwords and other online retailers for only $.99 US.

What does job burnout feel like? Join a nurse as she works through her day; get inside her head as she attempts to balance her needs with her patient’s needs. Will she make it to the end of her shift? Will her patient? 

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