Indie Chick: Faye Hicks

Faye is an engineering professor, animal lover, and writer.  She is interested in most genres of adult fiction, especially contemporary women’s fiction, science fiction, mysteries and thrillers. Faye’s non-fiction interests include humour, biographies, and technical or science related books. Faye’s favourite authors are Stephen King, Peter Robinson, Deborah Crombie, Reginald Hill, Gail Bowen, Tess Gerritsen, Elizabeth George, Robert Sawyer and, of course, Sylvia Morice.

Faye blogs at:  She has published more than a hundred scientific articles and papers, and has also written a number of Indie books, including:


DM cover April 2013 new 2 (small)Defining Moments

Scientist Ellie Ward has discovered a window to the past. In fact, she discovered it at her childhood home when she was nine and she’s been using it to extract herself from bad situations ever since. Each time it’s returned her to the ‘defining moment’ in her past – the point in time where a bad decision set her on the path to tragedy. The problem is, Ellie never knows what her defining moments were and so she never has any idea how much of her life she’s going to have to repeat to avoid her latest ordeal. When Ellie’s research takes her to a remote area of northern Canada, she faces yet another crisis when her small plane crashes in the bush. Seriously injured and stranded more than 2000 miles from her portal to the past, this time Ellie has no way to ‘rewind the clock’.

Defining Moments is now available as a Kindle eBook (and in paperback, too!) from ,,,, and other Amazon sites.

Kindle Prime members can borrow it free from Kindle Select anytime!


A Day in the Life of a Professor

Life as a professor can be hectic and stressful – especially when you’re the only woman in a faculty of 140 men! From the classroom to the boardroom – there’s never a dull moment. This little book contains five short stories describing some of my experiences – both strange and comical – to give you a taste of life as a professor.

The Kindle eBook is available on for only $0.99. Kindle Prime members can borrow it for free!  (Click here for links to A Day in the Life of a Professor on other Amazon sites.)

Prefer a paperback? This book is available in print, as well – click here for the links!


Who Says You Can’t Herd Cats? 

Kindle eBook available on Amazon for only $1.49!  Also available as a full colour paperback.

Cats are amazing animals – each as individual in personality as any human, each with an incredible capacity for love. They are the perfect pet. They are as cuddly as teddy bears, they don’t need to be “walked” and you’ll never get evicted because they’re making too much noise. If I could afford it, I’d have a million. (Should I admit that?) Living in the country, there’s certainly no shortage of supply but thankfully we manage to keep the numbers in control by working with a local humane society. However, for the first decade we lived on the ‘Hicks Cat Ranch’, we just kept the cats that adopted us and had more than 20 at one point. This book of short stories describes the quirky and comical cats who have made the Hicks Cat Ranch their home. Meet Karl (the Joker), Boris (the Gladiator), Miss Winifred Harbottle, Buddy (the Little Whittler) and many more.  (Includes more than 70 candid, colour cat photos!)

The Kindle eBook is available on for only $1.29. Kindle Prime members can borrow it for free!  (Click here for links to Who Says You Can’t Herd Cats? on other Amazon sites.)

Prefer a paperback?  This book is available in print,  as well – click here for the links!


A Christmas Book for the Ukulele Beginner A_Christmas_Book_for_Cover_for_Kindle

This ukulele book is aimed at the complete beginner.  If you’re a parent looking to get your son or daughter a ukulele for Christmas – this book will provide you with essential advice on choosing a ukulele.  You can then give this book to your child as a Christmas gift along with the ukulele, so that they have playing instructions and songs to get them started.  If you’re planning to buy your own ukulele, you can read the advice provided in this book directly and, once you have your ukulele, you’ll also be able to use the instructions and music in this book to get started playing Christmas tunes right away. Whatever your approach, I am sure that this wonderful little instrument will bring many hours of joy! (Includes 19 color photos, and contains advice for buying a ukulele, details of essential accessories, instructions on how to play, a ukulele chord chart, and 9 Christmas songs.

This beautiful full color music book is available from for only $7.99. It’s also available as a  Kindle eBook  for only $1.99. Kindle Prime members can borrow the eBook for free!  (Click here for links to this book on other Amazon sites.)

Book2 Front CoverThis book also comes in a non-Christmas version – all the same great information – plus 10 easy tunes to get you started playing your new ukulele right away: Amazing Grace, Home on the Range, Scarborough Fair, There is a Tavern in the Town, My Grandfather’s Clock, On Top of Old Smokey, Drunken Sailor, Skye Boat Song, Will the Circle Be Unbroken,  and Just a Closer Walk with Thee.  Available as a Kindle book from and affiliates, and coming soon in print!


Faye’s Favourites:

Ice Tomb (By Deborah Jackson) – July 31, 2012


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